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The Teenager Audio Test (HEAR?)

Posted on March 9th by HB. 6
Clicking the play button below will produce a tone that is generally only heard by people under the age of 25. It has been used as a deterrent device ...

Urban Camo

Posted on March 9th by HB.

High Five Escalator (WATCH)

Posted on March 9th by HB. 3
(thanks Brad :)

The Cup (WATCH)

Posted on March 8th by HB. 2

Om Land Security, on the phone w/ Allen Ginsberg and Henry Kissinger (HARPERS)

Posted on March 5th by HB.
(Harper's Magazine) From an April 23, 1971, telephone conversation be- tween Allen Ginsberg and Henry Kissinger, then na- tional security adviser to President Richard Nixon. Eugene McCarthy had left the Senate that January. Richard ...

MASH SF : Indy $50 +++ Montana’s Freeman Track Bikes

Posted on March 4th by HB. 2
2nd video on top... + 'yes disassemble' - Freeman track bikes... (johnny 5 anyone?... no? ... sorry)

Talk Back: The Bubble Project by Ji Lee

Posted on March 3rd by HB.

Armsrock (WATCH)

Posted on March 3rd by HB. %

The Great Daylight Fireball of 1972

Posted on March 3rd by HB.
Credit & Copyright: James M. Baker Explanation: What is that streaking across the sky? A bright earthgrazing meteor. In 1972, an unusually bright ...

Cooperation Beats Selfishness, at Least in Theory (WATCH)

Posted on March 3rd by HB.
By Brandon Keim February 23, 2009 In these dark days, science brings a glimmer of hope: even in a world that rewards selfishness, cooperation can emerge and ultimately prevail. That world ...

Posted on March 3rd by HB.
ahhh, the good ole days... (WATCH) reminds me of ... (excerpt of Rush Limbaugh @ CPAC) "One of the things that is totally erroneous about me -- and I just want to get ...

the real t. pain! travis pastranas tricycle back flip on biggest ramp ever… (WATCH)

Posted on March 3rd by HB.
also, "its a big blue watery road..."